Unleash the power of video tutorials in the Automotive industry

The automotive industry faces a variety of challenges

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Turnover is a high costly problem not only for the loss of productivity but also for the costs of finding, hiring and training new employees. One of the biggest side effects is even more expensive…once an employee leaves the company he takes his knowledge, experience and best practices with him, a tremendous loss of valuable knowledge for companies. Capturing workers skills and knowledge is urgent.

The automotive sector is also characterized by an ongoing trend of global sourcing and distributed manufacturing and assembly operations. Ensuring an equal training, harmonizing operations among plants, working on an effective relationship with scattered suppliers is an issue. Therefore, remote trainings carried out by experts is the key for success.

Automakers face a fundamental challenge in meeting the expectations of ‘digital natives consumers’ who are currently, and for the ten coming years, the cars buyers. Automotive companies must tailor their product, marketing strategy and user experience to the preference of these consumers. Today, few actors have taken this digital shift, running the risk of losing market shares. ‘Digital natives consumers’ go on Youtube, the second search engine online, to find any answer to their ‘how to’ questions. Gone are the days of written car user manuals. Drivers, and Millennials in general, are looking for on demand video based content.

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This is why, companies like Covert Cadillac chose to digitize their car owner’s manuals with speachme video tutorial platform.