A new SpeachMe under the Xmas tree

Thank you all for providing us with high value feedbacks

Based on our customers feedbacks we were eager to improve our solution and tailored it the way users wanted it. After months of hard work we are very excited to announce, a present right before the holiday season begins, the latest release of the platform.

Capture d_écran 2017-12-13 à 15.20.08

A new design

From now on, the home page is easier to navigate. We wanted to ensure a smooth user experience starting of the very first click. We presented all the speaches sorted by categories so as to go through the differents videos per category without exiting the home page.

A faster creation process

We broke down the speach creation  in 3 steps to follow:

1. Create

2. Fine-tune the settings

3. Share your speach

But this new release goes beyond that. You will find new functionalities, like changing the logo and colors of your own platform for instance. Both the Learning Paths and invitation emails have been revamped for a more attractive look. And much more…

Capture d_écran 2017-12-13 à 15.20.31

See all the Speaches belonging to the same category directly from the home page as above

 Find out all the details in Najette Fellache, our CEO,’ speach.

Please continue to provide us with your feedbacks. They are so dear to us as we listen to them carefully.

If you are not familiar with our platform yet, check out our trial platform here