Discover Qvinci Success Story with SpeachMe

Qvinci, is a software company offering real-time cloud-based financial data consolidation, reporting, and business intelligence solutions for the accounting, franchise and multi-unit business markets.

With over 10,000 customers to provide support to, Qvinci Customer Success Team was spending a tremendous amont of time over the phone on boarding customers. During approximately 1hour, a CSM would onboard a new customer, and overwhelm him with relevant information already forgotten the day after, leading to an overload of after sales calls.

Facing this situation, the CSM team needed a digital and user friendly tool enabling them to save time and avoid repeating the same information and answering the same questions over again.

Speachme enabled Qvinci to digitize their customer on boarding process and replace their frequently asked questions by video tutorials. Instead of calling a CSM, customers are now able to onboard themselves, at their own pace and time. For instance, they have access to speaches containing the right information, when and where they need it. On the top of that, the CSM team replaced their Frequently Asked Questions documentation and calls by speaches, thus completing the digital user experience.

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Ultimately, Speachme helped Qvinci to reduce the support load by 50% and to make tremendous savings on customer success costs and overhead. Besides, their goal to successfully onboard customers has been achieved and outperformed by the massive number of customers in the same amount of time.