Automotive Factory of the Future : How Video Plays A Role In Change Management

An automotive worker, using a machine in a factory of the future.

Factory Of The Future

It’s no secret that technology has transformed how we work, create, produce, and so much more. Digital tools in the hands of organizations spanning countless industries have brought workplace advancements never before seen. SpeachMe is a revolutionary video knowledge sharing platform currently transforming the digital supply chain with solutions for training and onboarding, knowledge transfer, communications, and more. Keep reading to discover the ways How-To video content is impacting change management and contributing to the automotive factory of the future in unmatched ways.

Successful Change Management

As many automotive companies are transitioning to new ways of doing business, quick and efficient video creation helps to ensure successful change management. The digital supply chain improves communication and collaboration among those leading the change management process while accelerating the adoption of new digital tools and implementing change across the organization. A video is essential to the successful implementation of new practices, as it streamlines knowledge sharing while allowing it to be engaging and accessed from anywhere.

Increasing Accuracy & Efficiency

The cultural diversity of the manufacturing industry can at times present challenges when it comes to knowledge transfer, often due to language barriers. This can impact employee performance. These challenges can be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely with a knowledge sharing platform.

Instructional videos are straightforward and self-explanatory. Combined with elements of micro-learning—like screen captures, webcam recordings, narration and more—the power of video can significantly increase the efficiency of automotive factories by enabling workers across all sectors to access brief, bite-sized instructions that can overcome traditional barriers to knowledge sharing. From employee training videos to detailed tutorials and manufacturing best practices, video can be stored in an online digital library and accessed by all to improve operational excellence.

Improving Safety

Maintaining and improving safety is essential in the automotive factory of the future, not only for the workers manufacturing the products but also for the automobiles themselves and the consumers who will drive them. A video makes safety training and best practices easy to understand, with content that is more engaging than the long and tedious instructions of the past. SpeachMe’s knowledge sharing platform incorporates interactive content like quizzes, surveys, polls and other employee comprehension tools for optimal retention, adherence, and implementation.

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