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AG2R La mondiale

Digital Transformation

The Challenge


AG2R La Mondiale, is the first social protection group in France, counting more than 11,000 employees. Facing the challenge of digital transformation, the group wants to support each of its employees in digital acculturation, regardless of their profile, function and usages.

Bank et Insurance




of employees believe that digital

transformation involves redesigning

the internal training plan

How to succeed a digital transformation in a group of more than 11,000 employees?

The solution

To facilitate the transmission of new digital practices, AG2R La Mondiale has set up the “Let’s Connect Our Talents” program, led by employees from different departments. They grouped to share their good practices and feedback on digital tools. These meetings led to concrete actions: awareness, training and support for each employee. SpeachMe allowed them to create and share Speaches: video tutorials made easily and quickly by the collaborators themselves to facilitate the transmission of peer-to-peer knowledge.

The Results


The increase of collaborators skills and the virality of the videos were immediate. The simple fact that the content was produced by their colleagues generated a high engagement rate from AG2R La Mondiale employees.

A high engagement rate of employees

Main Advantages

Short format

Each video lasts less than 10 minutes, thus the reader’s attention is not lost

Rapid training

The content of each video is accurate and sent directly to the learning community

Easy to use

The use of the platform is simple and does not require any teaching or technological skills


“SpeachMe has really fulfilled all our objectives, we can now industrialize peer-to-peer trainings, train massively and anchor all this at the heart of our business.”


Alexandra Mailliard
Digital Transformation HR Manager

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