Case study


Non-quality costs reduction and retirement management

The Challenge


It is difficult to find the right technical skills needed to build an airplane. Workforce are often newly-trained professionals with a background in sales or construction. To achieve a level of operational excellence, it is essential to train them quickly and in large numbers. In addition, many workers retire, taking with them their invaluable know-how. Encapsulating their knowledge has become imperative in order to quickly and efficiently train new employees.



Non-quality costs reduced by



How to train large numbers of employees on technical gestures and operational excellence at Airbus?

The Solution

Airbus and SpeachMe have worked together to create Speaches that address most situations that cause non-quality and customer dissatisfaction. Each Speach included a presentation from the managers, allowing employees to feel concerned and involved. With the Speach format, employees have become more engaged than with “traditional” or face-to-face training. In addition, the Speaches remained accessible on mobile and desktop, allowing new hires to access the required information at any time too.

The Results


Airbus has reduced its non-quality costs by 76% and increased overall profitability. Thanks to SpeachMe, the level of operational excellence at Airbus has improved and internal experts can now share knowledge to help improve the skill sets of their colleagues.

The level of excellence is guaranteed

Main Advantages

Reduction in training costs

Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced thanks to online training


Skill improvement guarantees the operational excellence of all employees

Training large numbers of new hires

All employees are onboarded through SpeachMe video tutorials

Access on-demand

Speaches enable continuous learning and can be accessed on desktop, tablet or smartphone


“Thanks to SpeachMe, we are bringing more value to our training programs. In addition, we are putting forward our company’s greatest assets: our employees who are sharing their knowledge.”

SpeachMe allows us to deliver training through brief, interactive video tutorials.”


Nadine Coedel
Head of Management Skills

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