Case study

La Banque Postale

Training and increasing the skills of employees

The Challenge

La Banque Postale faced a problem shared by many companies: the lack of time to train and develop the skills of their employees. In addition, the banking group has implemented a new management software, which required rapidly training a large number of employees.

How to quickly develop skills and train many employees all at once?

The Solution

Using a platform that allows experienced employees to quickly create training content has proved to be the solution to address the problems for La Banque Postale. With no teaching experience required, these employees were able to share their knowledge and skills with their peers. It answered the need for speed, efficiency and quality.

The Results


Training large amounts of employees on the new internal tools allowed a higher engagement rate. 30% reduction of the time needed to increase the employees skills.

Training large amounts of employees on the new internal tools

Main Advantages

Easy to use

The platform is intuitive and does not require special technical skills

Unlimited access to tutorial videos

Videos can be viewed without a time limit

On-demand access to information

Speachs are accessible on mobile app anywhere at any time


“In a few words, the SpeachMe platform: responsive, flexible, efficient, innovative, a novelty.”


Sophie Foucat
Training Manager

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