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Digitalization of training

The Challenge

Natixis had mostly face-to-face training sessions which had very low success rate among its employees. Faced with this outdated and unsuccessful training method, it was urgent for the group to rethink the format of its training and meet the expectations of its employees.

How to digitize training for a large number of employees with different profiles?

The Solution


Natixis chose SpeachMe as a partner to redesign its training method. The platform enables employees to quickly and easily create and share online content as tutorials called ‘Speaches’. The entire group was seduced by this new transmission of knowledge and encouraged employees to become “digital” learners or/and creators of educational online content.

The Results


This new training method gained more than 95% satisfaction rate

More than 95% satisfaction rate

Main Advantages

Save time

The information you need is easy to find and accessible all the time

On-demand access to information

Speaches are accessible on mobile app anywhere at any time

Easy to use

The platform is intuitive and does not require any technical skills


SpeachMe was the mean to provide to our workforce an access to information broadcasted by their peers sharing their experience.”


Maryline PATIN
HR and Corporate Communications Director


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