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Digitalization of training

The Challenge


Trioplast is a French leader in agricultural plastic that prioritizes the safety of its employees. The machines in its factories are complex and can be dangerous. Showing the right technical gestures and safety procedures is therefore a priority for this industrial giant. However, the training method used, namely textbooks and written procedures, were proven obsolete and unsuitable. The challenge for Trioplast was therefore to train large numbers of people more efficiently and quickly with assets could be available on any medium and at all times.

How to quickly and efficiently train employees on technical gestures and safety postures?

The Solution

Trioplast needed a simple, easy-to-use tool to share the know-how of experienced employees. They have created tutorial videos explaining how to perform technical gestures and associated safety procedures for all equipment. Thanks to the SpeachMe platform available on each machines computer, employees have direct access to information that interest them.

The Results


In addition to ensuring the safety of all teams, Trioplast has been able to promote and share the know-how of experienced employees, creators of educational content, and empower employees in their training.

Promoting the know-how of experienced employees

Main Advantages

Train quickly

A video allows better understanding of the gestures and procedures

Ensuring the safety of employees

The training content is better understood

Instructions accessible at any time

Speaches are accessible on demand on mobile, web and the machine information system


SpeachMe was used to innovate on how we train internally.”

SpeachMe makes it possible to value our collaborators, to make them participate in the internal training.”


Charlotte Aurousseau
HR Manager

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