case study

Unicef and PWC

Corporate awareness of children’s rights

The Challenge

UNICEF Cameroon in collaboration with PWC wants to set up face-to-face training to raise awareness, popularize and engage businesses on the subject of children’s rights.

How to make companies aware of humanitarian issues?

The Solution


PWC used SpeachMe to digitize their training content in order to have on demand access to the content, share it with a large number of users, create interactive and fun content through the use of videos, images and other rich media. Thus, Unicef ​​Cameroun & PWC provided a platform accessible to French-speaking African companies, which included a series of video tutorials on topics such as the principles of child rights, communication, good practices, and use cases

The Results


The interactive format of SpeachMe helped create trainings that have a lot of quality and impact for a large community of learners whose number was multiplied by ten with more than 500 employees involved.

A training with a better impact

Main Advantages

Varied content

Rich media makes content visual, interactive and easy to understand

Easy learning

The platform makes it easy to explain a complex subject

Access to training

Speaches are accessible on mobile and web anywhere at any time


“We chose to go digital with SpeachMe to make the training accessible to the largest possible audience while keeping the standard quality of learning.”


“What’s good with SpeachMe is the variety of media and other support that can be used to increase impact on our learners.”


Aïda Aw
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

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