Dear multisite organizations, have you successfully standardized your practices?

Entreprises multi-site: industrialisez vos process grâce à la vidéo

Reaching the same standards and quality across sites is a challenge for businesses today. In the first installment of our series on learning organizations, let’s take a look at how best practices can be shared. 

Regardless of size, sector or reach, all multisite organizations face the same need – to share best practices on a large scale and maintain identical standards across locations.

But how can we ensure that employees are applying the right procedures and technical know-how? Can we really be certain that client experience is the same from one site to another? These questions highlight the need to adopt efficient expertise-sharing solutions.

Knowledge transfer for scattered teams  

Dispersed teams are a reality for multisite organizations. Teams can be scattered within a single country or spread out globally. Trying to attain the same standards on all sites can sometimes feel like an impossible undertaking, as in-person training varies from site to site, and information is invariably lost in the human chain of transmission.

That’s why businesses are increasingly on the lookout for new ways of sharing knowledge that are more collaborative, more agile, less costly, and can contribute to streamlining processes.

Video: a universal language

It has taken just a few years for interactive video tutorials to make their entrance in companies. Video as a medium has several advantages: it’s accessible any time, anywhere. In under 10 minutes, a video that is enhanced with other types of content (see boxed text below) can provide crucial company best practices – from technical know-how to the induction of new staff, or sales performance tips.

For example, in banking, standardizing client relations is crucial. A single video is enough to explain the process of opening an account at a physical branch, or online (web or mobile). This is an easy way to overcome distance, and share information with employees across the board.

International companies increasingly use video to circumvent language barriers. When it comes to facility management, for example, the visual aspect is especially relevant. To “show” rather than “tell” gives better results – with a video tutorial, you can learn without talking!

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Building employee expertise

If your organization has subsidiaries abroad, you’re already aware that cultural and communication codes differ between, say, the United States and Japan. Building a network of experts who know local markets and behaviors can guarantee quality content. These employees have huge added value when it comes to adapting delivery to the local context.

In general, all employees have the ability to contribute to knowledge-building in your company and improve existing processes. A good practice identified on one site should be shareable with other sites. You probably never imagined the wealth of expertise at your disposal!

Finally, adopting a video-sharing platform increases productivity, allows employees to acquire new skills, renders new sites operational much faster, and, at the simplest level, reduces training costs. Your company’s success and performance are closely linked to its ability to build employee engagement.