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Video Knowledge Sharing Platform

SpeachMe is a knowledge sharing platform which boosts product quality by making it easier to create and share visual procedures and reduce production incidents. Clear and effective communication is imperative for onboarding new employees and sharing knowledge across globally dispersed locations. SpeachMe is an essential component of smart manufacturing that enables brief, interactive video tutorials to be created and shared with team members quickly and easily.

Break free from on the job training, emails and other inefficient forms of collaboration with the SpeachMe video platform. SpeachMe merges audio, screenshots, video, documents and more to improve communication. The structured format engages individuals more thoroughly than a typical operating modes tool, and at ten minutes, it is shorter than a webinar.

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Knowledge Sharing Platform

Valuable organizational knowledge can be lost when employees leave, and new hires are trained. The powerful SpeachMe video platform helps capture tribal knowledge and share it throughout the organization. This enables organizations to provide cost-effective workforce training to employees located worldwide.

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Technical Gestures Training

Reduce non-quality costs by providing the ideal solution for communicating proper operational procedures. The easy-to-use SpeachMe solution allows any worker to create brief and engaging interactive videos. Speaches can combine documents and images and quizzes with video to improve information retention at a much higher rate than textbooks and written procedures. This formal or informal content can be accessed directly from the plant floor by scanning a QR code with a smartphone or can live in a searchable online library.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement initiatives require manufacturers to identify and correct processes to make them more efficient. How-To videos help solve this challenge by enabling documentation of best practices for these activities by Six Sigma, LEAN, or Kaizen teams. A series of brief tutorials that can be accessed in the field helps workers improve their productivity to make jobs easier.

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Digital Work Instructions

Digitize manuals and operating modes to improve retention of information and reduce errors. SpeachMe is designed to help organizations transition to a more engaging approach to delivering digital work instructions by enabling the creation of interactive content that can be viewed on mobile or desktop.

SpeachMe’s Knowledge Sharing Interface

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With SpeacheMe, manufacturing companies across all industries can leverage interactive How-To videos to train employees more efficiently. Reduce non-quality costs and improve safety by providing a library of brief video tutorials accessible from any production environment. SpeachMe also offers organizations a solution to empower resident experts to participate in the quick sharing of informal knowledge through easy content creation.


Choose a skill or piece of knowledge to share with your team or customers, break it down into smaller steps, and add one or several different media formats including video, slides and documents.


Publish the Speach to share with your department or across the entire organization. For sensitive information, create a private group of users and invite your team.


Collect the data you need: who’s watched, for how long, feedback, badges given and more. Reply to user questions or comments.

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Key Features

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