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How-To Video for Faster Onboarding and Rapid Repair

SpeachMe is a video knowledge transfer solution for the transportation industry that enables maintenance and repair professionals, manufacturers and OEMs to easily create and share interactive How-To content with team members in any location. SpeachMe has helped the world’s leading producers achieve operational excellence by enhancing training, communication and collaboration across all sites.

The Speach format seamlessly merges video, documents, audio, screen captures, hyperlinks and more and is designed to reduce organizational reliance on conference calls, emails, meetings and other inefficient tools. With a maximum duration of 10 minutes, a Speach can be viewed on an iOS or Android device by a technician making a quick repair to an in-service aircraft or on a monitor at an engine or component shop when more serious work is required.

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Urgent Repairs

A grounded aircraft can be a huge financial burden to your airline. AOGs can cost up to $150k/hr and delay or cause cancellations nationwide. With SpeachMe, MRO technicians can quickly create, share and watch video tutorials on a tablet or smartphone. By enabling the rapid creation of content in response to urgent requests, SpeachMe will improve the overall performance of your airline by helping speed repairs and cut down on the losses incurred from an out of service aircraft.

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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a large number of aircraft maintenance and repair personnel is an ongoing challenge for many airlines. As the demand for MROs begins to outpace the supply of experienced workers, effectively onboarding new hires will become essential to the overall performance of your organization. The Speach format was designed for a more efficient and cost effective delivery of training content by merging a broad range of media into an engaging knowledge capsule that is ideal for integrating new members of your workforce.

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Deliver On the Job Training

Engaging on the job training is a proven method for increasing productivity and delivering specialized instructional content. SpeachMe helps automotive manufacturers provide continuous training throughout
the employee life cycle through short video capsules. From employee onboarding to upskilling, SpeachMe offers functionality to help identify and close knowledge gaps. Formal training and informal knowledge sharing can all be delivered through SpeachMe with options to add quizzes to test worker comprehension of the material.

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Retirement Management

With the pending wave of workforce retirements set to hit the transportation industry, it is important that a plan be put in place for capturing the knowledge of skilled employees at the end of their careers. SpeachMe is the ideal solution for utilizing video as part of succession planning in the transportation sector. The easy to use solution allows Baby Boomers to quickly record brief How-To videos from a webcam, tablet or phone and share them in the bite-sized format preferred by the next generation of workers.

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With SpeacheMe, airlines can improve maintenance and repair operations through short video capsules to enhance high-skill work on engines, components, avionics, airframes and more. Empower resident experts to participate in the quick sharing of informal knowledge, while creating an on-demand library of digital media assets easily accessible by all. SpeachMe helps airlines create a dynamic collaboration and communication network powered by MRO professionals.


Choose a skill or piece of knowledge to share with your team or customers, break it down into smaller steps, and add one or several different media formats including video, slides and documents.


Publish the Speach to share with your department or across the entire organization. For sensitive information, create a private group of users and invite your team.


Collect the data you need: who’s watched, for how long, feedback, badges given and more. Reply to user questions or comments.

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