Corporate Communications

Create More Effective Corporate Communications

Clear and effective corporate communications isn’t just a nice to have, it’s essential for maintaining an engaged and well-informed workforce. Corporate memos and email newsletters are no longer sufficient for keeping today’s globally dispersed and mobile employees connected. With SpeachMe, your organization can modernize its corporate communications by providing executives and employees with a video communications solution for creating brief, interactive and engaging presentations that can viewed by internal or external audiences.

Empower executives and employees to communicate and collaborate through interactive video presentations.

Improve Employee Engagement Through Interactive Video


Keeping employees engaged has proven to increase productivity and reduce high turnover rates. The SpeachMe video solution helps organizations boost employee engagement by empowering executives and department heads to communicate directly to employees in a manner that is transparent, authentic and builds trust. Through the use of brief video updates, SpeachMe ensures employees receive the most accurate information concerning organizational changes, policy updates or crisis management strategies. Speaches are designed to be integrated with existing corporate platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and Teams or Slack.

Enhance Workplace Collaboration


Promote social learning and collaboration while reducing your company’s reliance on meetings and internal webinars with SpeachMe. Employee generated video presentations that can be quickly created on desktop or mobile and feature documents, screen captures, annotations and more are ideal for the type of peer-based informal teamwork preferred by Millennials and Gen Z. SpeachMe helps improve workplace productivity by providing employees with an easy-to-use solution for exchanging valuable information to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competition by 147%

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The SpeachMe Advantage

Crisis Management

Quickly respond internally or externally to unexpected developments that impact your organization

Workplace Mobility

Any employee can record a Speach from iPhone or Android and share with a team member down the hall or across the globe

Easy Content Creation

Executives and employees can share formal or informal updates with the entire organization or a single colleague


“We wanted a fast and innovative tool, and the SpeachMe platform suited us perfectly.”


Cécile de Mauroy
Customer Relationship Manager – Digital Workplace