Knowledge Transfer

Power Knowledge Transfer With Interactive Video

It is often not until an employee is on the verge of departing an organization that companies realize they lack an effective method for capturing and transferring years of valuable knowledge. SpeachMe is the video knowledge transfer solution that helps organizations standardize their knowledge transfer processes by allowing anyone to quickly create and share interactive video tutorials with their colleagues. Speaches (contraction of “Speech” and “Teach”) seamlessly merge video with documents, screen captures, slide creation and hyperlinks and are divided into short chapters. A Speach can cover any topic and can be created and viewed on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Capture and share informal knowledge through interactive employee generated How-To video.

Capture Knowledge From Subject Matter Experts


Regardless of their position, almost every employee is likely an expert in a number of areas that are important to workplace operations. But what are you doing to capture and preserve the expertise of these subject matter experts? With SpeachMe, organizations have an easy-to-use solution for creating a library of video How-To content powered by employee expertise. Anyone can contribute to building this central repository of vital information by creating a Speach and making the content accessible to their colleagues to view from any location.

Retirement Management


It’s only a matter of time before the massive exodus of Baby Boomers, a.k.a., the Silver Tsunami, occurs. To prepare for the impact the departure of these experienced workers will have on your organization, it is vital that technologies be in place to document their years of expertise. With SpeachMe, knowledge in the form of screen recordings, worksite demonstrations or in-office presentations can be quickly captured, indexed and shared in the interactive video-based format preferred by digital natives. By combining video with documents, images and other media, you can continue to derive value from employees who retire or leave your organization for another company.

Employees take up to 70% of their knowledge with them when they leave an organization

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The SpeachMe Advantage

Employee Offboarding

Create a systematic approach to knowledge capture through How-To videos

Mobile Knowledge Capture

Employees can share knowledge from anywhere with the SpeachMe app for iPhone or Android

Easy to Use

Speaches can be quickly recorded by any employee with a computer or phone; no hardware required


SpeachMe was the mean to provide to our workforce an access to information broadcasted by their peers sharing their experience.”


Maryline PATIN
HR and Corporate Communications Director