Video Training and Onboarding

Create Engaging and Interactive Video Training Content

Despite their best efforts, many corporate training and development professionals find it challenging to successfully onboard and train employees. Often this is because the training content is either poorly structured, too difficult to understand, or is in a format that is not conducive to effective learning. SpeachMe is a How-To video solution that helps training departments integrate new-hires more efficiently and continue to deliver on-the-job training by enabling the easy creation and delivery of impactful bite-sized content.

Improve retention of training material with easy to create interactive tutorials that merge video with a variety of media.

Reduce Classroom Trainings


Traditionally, most employee training was conducted in person, and often in a classroom. That approach may have been successful in the past, but it isn’t effective in today’s more globally competitive economy. SpeachMe allows just-in-time training to be delivered to knowledge workers on desktop computers or to employees viewing on mobile devices in the field. These short bursts of micro-training videos can be quickly created to provide fundamental knowledge regarding technical gestures in a production environment or as part of a comprehensive change management initiative in a corporate setting.

LMS Integration


SpeachMe integrates with Learning Management Systems to enable organizations leveraging SAP, Oracle, Cornerstone OnDemand or any LMS to embed How-To video tutorials into their learning environment. With SpeachMe, organizations can enrich the overall corporate training experience with a video-first solution. SpeachMe was built to help improve online training by seamlessly merging video, documents, screen captures, hyperlinks and more. SpeachMe and Learning Management Systems are complementary technologies that when combined enhance onboarding and training at any organization.

95% of learners retain information when it’s communicated by video

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The SpeachMe Advantage

Save Time

Help employees quickly learn new skills and more effectively retain knowledge

On-Demand Access to Training

Employees have a single online library for all training content

Easy to Create

Speaches can be quickly created and shared with employees or partners in any location


Airbus Video Testimonial

“Thanks to SpeachMe, we are bringing more value to our training programs. In addition, we are putting forward our company’s greatest assets: our employees who are sharing their knowledge.”

SpeachMe allows us to deliver training through brief, interactive video tutorials.”


Nadine Coedel
Head of Management Skills