More than just a video

SpeachMe is a video content creation engine. You can create a Speach with several types of media. Pick one or combine several, whatever you need to make your presentation engaging!

Video is just the start

Add an existing video

Upload from smartphone, tablet, or camera. You can even insert a link from an online video.

Record a new video

Capture video with your webcam, tablet or our smartphone app.

Record your screen

Share your screen with viewers and record your comments.

Polish your masterpiece

Cut mode

Edit the beginning, end or middle of the video

Voice over

Change the original audio and replace it with a new recording


Insert arrows, text, images, URL links, zone highlighting


Add as many translations as you need.

Need some text?

Upload existing documents

Simply drag & drop any type of document and your content will be automatically saved

Create slides quickly

The slide creator helps you quickly make presentations directly inside the solution

Combine content for an engaging presentation

Showcase a presentation and record comments. Sync a presentation with your comments using either a webcam or microphone, to give your audience the impression of attending a live talk while watching a Speach.

Want to interact with your audience?

Challenge your viewer or Collect feedback by creating quizzes, surveys, exams, polls, open questions to test, score, evaluate or engage your audience.

Ready to maximize your team’s performance?