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Create and share interactives knowledge video capsules

At SpeachMe, we believe that the video has the power to revolutionize the knowledge transmission and learning. Our web solution for companies, teachers and trainers enable anyone to transmit his knowledge in live or delayed


SpeachMe Training is the solution to turn your professional training into MOOC format: create and launch your own COOC and SPOC


SpeachMe Business provides a framework to allow employees to encapsulate their knowledge and pass on their expertise.


SpeachMe Communication allows you to animate your commercial networks, franchises or members with interactive video medias.

a SAAS platform 100% customized

Your interactive video library fits your visual identity

Our expertise is focused on video

Capture and embed easily your video content directly from your web browser

manage your knowledge video capsules

Discover an easy to use interface for a better experience

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    Capture and easily create your videos, demos, slides, documents and quizzes within your secure platform

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    Stream your video presentations, live or delayed, in public or private mode and discuss through forums and chats

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    Follow the activity of all your users and deliver certificates (personnal statistics by module and user)

collaborate and share easily

Improve collaborative work within your internal teams

  • social learning

    Social knowledge

    Capitalize expertise to quickly improve the effectiveness of your teams.

  • social learning

    Vocational training

    Reinvent your courses through our Speach format and improve the interactivity of your modules.

  • social learning

    Marketing and sales

    Create exciting sales presentations and increase your sales .

  • social learning

    Internal communication

    Improve the impact of your internal communication through an innovative media.

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