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From quizz generation, audio translation to text-to-speech, explore a new way to create microlearning

Transform Your Training with AI

At Speach, we're revolutionizing the way companies approach training and knowledge sharing. By integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, we transform lengthy procedures and boring training sessions into efficient, engaging, and effective learning experiences. Our AI-powered tools are designed to empower employees, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills to excel in their roles while helping your organization maintain standardized processes and ways of working.



Speach is a modern solution that integrates the lastest AI innovations

AI Text to Speech

Turn any text into high-quality audio synchronized over your video

AI human voice generation

Record a video and replace automatically the audio with human-like voices

AI Speach Generation

Turn any existing document, procedures or training into a Speach

AI Automatic voice translation

Activate the audio of your speach in any languages needed.

AI Noise cancelling

Remove in one click any background noise from your video

AI Subtitles Translation

Translate your video's subtitles in any languages needed

AI Avatar

Create engaging, lifelike avatars to guide your employees through their training.

AI Text to Video

Convert written content into engaging video materials with lifelike speech.

AI Background Remover

Remove and replace your video background in one click.

AI Quiz and Assessments

Easily generate quizzes and assessments to evaluate and reinforce learning.

AI Text and Slides

Generate text and slides for your training materials effortlessly.

AI Video Script

Create compelling video scripts with AI and make your video more pedagogical.

Speach built for frontline workforce training

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