With Speach, manufacturing companies across all industries can leverage interactive video tutorials training accessible for workers from any production environment. Train employees more efficiently, reduce non-quality costs and improve safety.

Speach helps workers capture their knowledge and best practices from the factory and share it with their colleagues globally. Allowing continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Accelerate Continuous Improvement and Productivity

Knowledge Sharing

Speach helps companies achieve the operational excellence required to be successful. Powering the efficient and cost-effective training of large numbers of employees across multiple locations. As workers retire and new employees are onboarded, valuable know-how can be continuously created and shared throughout a globally organization.

Increase The Value of Assets

Reduce non-quality costs by providing the ideal method for communicating proper operational procedures. Speach allows any employee with a mobile device or computer to create an engaging presentation. This content can be accessed in a manufacturing environment by scanning a QR code or can live in a searchable online library.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement initiatives require manufacturers to identify and correct processes to make them more efficient. How-To video helps solve this challenge by enabling documentation of best practices. A series of brief tutorials that can be accessed in the field helps workers improve their productivity to make jobs easier.

Change Management

Speach helps companies embarking on change programs ensure successful initiatives through quick and efficient creation and delivery of information. Communication is improved as well as the speed the adoption of new digital tools. Speach is designed for building a collection of knowledge to help organizations seamlessly transition to new ways of doing business.

Aperam's customer story


Collaborative experience is appreciated, both in terms of creating and viewing a speach. The “Voice to text” feature (automatic subtitling in multilingual text) is an incomparable asset because the speed of translations is impressive and saves a considerable amount of time.

Elisabeth Boulery - Learning & Development Office | Aperam

An all-in-one solution


It all starts with a video. Employees can upload an existing video or create one using their webcam or the dedicated Speach Studio mobile app. Then, other media can be combined with the video (slides, PDFs, quizzes etc.).


Organize the content into different sections and complement it with annotations, audio or video commentary, voice-over etc.


With the iOs and Android applications, employees can access speachs when they need them directly from their workplace, even without an internet connection. Speachs can be shared via a link or a QR-code and are integrated directly into your existing environments: social networks, intranet, application, LMS…


Some features

QR Code

Print the automatically generated QR code and display it on site, directly on equipment or machines, for easy access to the speach from the field.


Synchronize your documents with your audio or video comments for a more engaging and interactive presentation.


Enrich your videos with text, images, arrows, links or zones to gain clarity and precision.

They use Speach


With video, our employees have more fun viewing content. It’s a very interesting medium to share knowledge within our industries, to integrate and train new employees or to avoid production and technical mistakes.

Thierry Poirier - Head of the Energy Department, Atlantique Lorraine | ArcelorMittal