Life Sciences

Speach helps Life Sciences companies to improve their training strategy and optimize their competitiveness in terms of cost, quality and delivery. With Speach, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) can easily share their know-how within the company by creating immersive video work instructions.


Digitalize your work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Sustain your training transformation with an user oriented video platform that allows tutorials creation in the respect of Life Sciences GMP compliance.

Content creation

Access control – SSO

Easy dashboards

Electronic signature

Collaborative Authoring

Versioning control

Configurable workflows

Audits capabilities


Improve compliance

Facilitate training & work instructions learnings

Increase operational performance

Better communication within teams

Audit readiness

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How Our Life Sciences Customers Use Speach


Colgate's feedback on Speach

“The vision is to first drive adoption of the Speach platform and then transition to leveraging the power of translation of voice and eventually text. With less than a year of implementation, we’re now building content for equipment and then deploying it globally, which saves time and money by avoiding duplicative efforts. This process will also ensure best practices are transferred seamlessly.”

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