Manage your speaches

Share with a QR code

Generate a Speach-linked QR code and strategically place it on equipment or production lines, ensuring straightforward, on-the-spot access for users.

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Embed your speach in any LMS or GED

Use the embed feature to display your speach on any another website or software.

Optimize for internal search engine

Our rich and optimized internal search engine allows you to quickly find the speach you are looking for.

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Download video & PDF files

You can download the pdf files of a Speach or the full video if you want to watch it again without an internet connection.

Share to user groups

Select a group of users to easily share your speach with multiple users at once.

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Organize with categories

Use categories to organize your speaches into multiple topics.

Get Detailed Analytics

See who watch what, get the assessments results and measure the effectiveness of your trainings.


Create from templates

Select a premade template to create a speach more easily. Ensure a standardized way to create training across your teams.

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