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An AI-powered Microlearning format for the new frontline workers generation

1.Microlearning for the New Generation

Empowering Frontline Workers with Efficient Learning

In today’s fast-paced work environment, especially in manufacturing, the traditional approach to training can often be time-consuming and ineffective for the new generation of frontline workers. This is where Speach steps in with its innovative microlearning format. But why is microlearning so crucial for effective learning and skill development?

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The Neuroscience of Bite-Sized Learning

Our brain's ability to learn and remember is deeply influenced by the way information is presented. According to neuroscience research, learning involves the formation and strengthening of connections between neurons in the brain​​. When new information is introduced in short, focused segments, it aligns with the brain's natural process of forming connections, making learning more efficient and retention more effective.

Practicality in the Flow of Work

Frontline workers in manufacturing often face time constraints and high-pressure environments. Microlearning caters to these challenges by providing concise, focused content that can be quickly absorbed and applied. This approach ensures that learning does not overwhelm the learner but instead fits seamlessly into their daily routine. By delivering training in short bursts, Speach enables employees to learn on-the-job, ensuring immediate application and reinforcement of new skills.

Enhancing Retention and Engagement

The microlearning approach is not just about convenience; it's also about effectiveness. Short learning sessions are more likely to hold the learner's attention and lead to better retention of information. This is crucial in manufacturing settings where precision and accuracy are paramount. With Speach, employees receive the essential knowledge they need without the fluff, leading to a more focused and engaged learning experience.

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2.Multimedia Video-Centered Format

Revolutionizing Training with Engaging Content

In the realm of corporate learning, especially in the manufacturing sector, engaging the workforce effectively is key to successful training. Speach leads this front with its multimedia, video-centered format. But what makes this approach so impactful?

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The Power of Video in Learning

Research has shown that while traditional reading materials have their place in learning, incorporating video can significantly enhance the learning experience. According to MIT's Integrated Learning Initiative, while video and reading scored similarly in learning outcomes, other factors like learner preference and engagement levels varied significantly​​. This insight drives Speach’s approach to combine the best of both worlds.


Neuroscience Behind Video Learning

The human brain responds more actively to visuals than text alone. A study highlighted that video content not only made the learning experience more enjoyable but also enhanced memory recall and comprehension​​. Visuals, such as those used in Speach’s training materials, activate different parts of the brain, leading to better retention and understanding. This is further backed by research indicating that visual associations improve recall.


Enhancing Memory with Mixed Media

By combining video with text and other interactive elements, Speach taps into the dual coding theory of cognitive psychology. This theory suggests that information is better remembered when it is presented in both verbal and visual forms. By engaging both the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain, Speach’s multimedia approach maximizes retention and understanding.

3.Expert and Peer-Created Content: Practical Learning

Learning from Those Who Know Best

At the heart of Speach's innovative approach to corporate learning lies a key principle: the most impactful training comes from those who have first-hand experience in the field. Speach capitalizes on this by featuring content created by industry experts and peers. But what makes this approach so effective?

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Leveraging Expertise for Authentic Learning

When learning material is developed by individuals who have real-world experience and expertise, it resonates more with learners. They are not just learning theories but practical, tried-and-tested methods from those who have walked in their shoes. This peer-to-peer learning strategy aligns with socio-constructivist theories, which emphasize that motivation to learn is enhanced in social contexts, making learning a more engaging and relatable experience​

The Neuroscience of Social Learning

Neuroscience supports the idea that learning in a social context, such as peer-to-peer or expert-led scenarios, is more effective. Research indicates that interactive learning environments promote intrinsic motivation, better collaboration, and improved performance on the job​​. Additionally, studies have shown that peer learning interventions can lead to higher self-efficacy, greater job satisfaction, and reduced stress

Peer Learning: Connecting Theory with Practice

Speach takes this understanding a step further by incorporating peer learning into its training modules. Learners not only receive information but also get insights into how their peers, who are in similar roles and environments, apply this knowledge practically. This approach fosters a deeper connection with the learning material, as it comes from relatable sources – their colleagues and industry veterans.


Speach is a modern solution that integrates the lastest AI innovations

AI Text to Speech

Turn any text into high-quality audio synchronized over your video

AI human voice generation

Record a video and replace automatically the audio with human-like voices

AI Automatic video transcription

Each Speach is automatically subtitled and transcribed

AI Automatic voice translation

Activate the audio of your speach in any languages needed.

AI Noise cancelling

Remove in one click any backrgound noise from your video

AI Subtitles Translation

Translate your video's subtitles in any languages needed

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