Editing & Publishing

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Text to Speech

Transform text, in one click, into high quality voice human like in more than 30 languages.

Display video annotations

Use video annotations to show a text, an image, an arrow, a link or to blur an area in your video.


Create hyperlinks

Select the link option from the annotation menu if you want to display a clickable area that redirects the viewers of your video into a particular website.

Trim your video

Edit your video to keep only the best by deleting the less interesting parts.


Synchronize multiple media

Use the Synchronization feature to record multiple media at the same time. Record with your microphone or your webcam while scrolling through your slideshow or document for a perfect presentation.

Translate & subtitle

Automatically translate and subtitle your video in over 30+ languages. Add manually or generate automatically subtitles on any video. Edit your subtitles and adjust the timeline.

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Change the audio with voice over

Create an audio recording with your microphone to replace the audio of a previously recorded video.

Remove background noise from video

Remove background noise from your video and achieve a crisp, professional-quality audio.

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