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We are on a mission to help anyone at work share his knowledge and expertise in the most effective way.


Our experience

10+years history in video knowledge sharing
1 M+users overtime
14 M$+funding

Our beliefs


CEO & Founder

The Center for Creative Leadership has found that 70% of workplace learning comes from real life, on-the-job experiences (compared to only 10% of learning from formal, structured training like the typical Learning Management System). Speach emulates real life training through our immersive “trainer’s eye” point of view. This function allows our users to visually capture and share both technical and physical skills pre-recorded or in real time.

Finished speaches can be shared and disseminated instantly matching the fast pace of your business.

As companies develop more complex tools, systems and processes, it becomes even more necessary to provide nimble, yet sophisticated, training programs. Speach’s flexible platform can mold and shape trainings to fit the constantly-changing technical landscape. At Speach, we believe that employees should be empowered to train and learn from each other on-demand and in the moment, versus relying solely on classroom-style or online slideshow learning methods.

Speach aims to be the fastest, simplest, and most fun way to share knowledge. We strive to become the global leader in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, offering the largest library of knowledge through speaches. Be part of the future, join us!

Management Team

We are a fully remote and passionate team from all around the world!


Najette Fellache

CEO & Co-founder


Kamel Fellache

Global Director Process HR & Finance


Thierry Guiot

Chief Revenue Officer


Jeremy Rouet

CTO & Co-founder


Frédéric Dupérier

Head of Engineering

Our partners talk about us


Any technical improvement, new equipment procedure and all of the workflow flow processes are now in a Speach. This line has seen a 13% increase in productivity and 18% improvement in unplanned downtime. We can confidently say Speach is the enabler for allowing this to happen.

Dhiren Doshi - Learning Partner E2E Global Supply Chain -
Former Global Director Supply Chain Learning at Colgate-Palmolive

The Roles at Speach

They talk about their jobs


At the interface between the Customer Success team and the Product team, my role is to centralize, prioritize and translate customer requests into future ideas for product developments, and also to manage the testing phases before the release of new features.

Sophie Lenoir - Lead QA

My role at Speach is multiple, it consists both of opening new accounts with major international groups, in Europe and the United States, but also of detecting new needs among our customers, while ensuring the renewal and expand existing contracts. New Business, Cross-Sell and Upsell are the three pillars of my daily activity.

Nicolas Schütz - International Account Manager

Main point of contact for my clients, my role is to support them on a daily basis in the deployment of Speach within their organizations. Beyond training and supporting new users, I strive to share with them best practices from the experience of other clients in similar or different sectors. Within the extended sales team, and at the interface between the QA and Product teams, I also have a very active role in the preparation of QBRs - Quarterly Business Reviews - and in the management of contracts evolutions, in close connection with the Accounts Managers.

Michael Chamoun - Customer Success Manager

By taking into account the needs of users and the technical constraints of developers, my mission within the product team is to improve the UI and UX as well as to design new features of the products developed.

Hugo Tessier - UI/UX Designer

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