Build your Knowledge Network!

In this network age and with the YouTube generation, there is an urgent need to rethink the transmission of knowledge. The knowledge and skills of employees are the greatest value add of any company. Who better than employees themselves, the ones who have developed their expertise and practice on a daily basis, to transmit their knowledge to teams.

It is crucial to adopt a collaborative mode of transmission adapted to new uses, which values and encompasses previous generations as well as millennials. The Knowledge Network echoes the 4th industrial revolution, and aims to create a global culture of sharing in a company.

Possessing two masters degrees in IT Development and Business Management, Najette Fellache began her career as an IT Developer at Capgemini. She then managed training consultants in new technologies before taking charge of a business unit specializing in high-tech training and consulting at Softeam. In 2012, Najette launched Speach to reinvent knowledge sharing in business.


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