How to Share Your Expertise and Knowledge with Speach

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Share SME's expertise with Speach
The pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries are constantly evolving and facing new challenges, such as increasing regulatory requirements, global competition, technological innovation, and customer demand. To succeed in this dynamic environment, companies need ... Read More

How Merck Group Transformed Its Operator Training with Speach

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How Merck digitized SOPs with Speach
In the high-regulated manufacturing domain, the name Merck Group resonates with quality and innovation. With a sprawling operational setup and a workforce committed to delivering excellence, Merck Group has continually set benchmarks in manufacturing practices. However, like many giants in the in... Read More

Digitize SOP from Paper to Video

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Digitize Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential for any organization that wants to ensure quality, consistency, and compliance in its operations.  SOPs document best practices and guidelines for performing specific tasks or pro... Read More

How to Add Subtitles to Training Videos - and Translate into 30+ Languages!

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Translate video training
Training videos are an essential tool for the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries. They help to ensure that the employees are well-informed, skilled, and compliant with the latest standards and regulations. However, creating effective training videos can be challenging, esp... Read More