How to Digitalize SOP and Work Instructions with a Video Library

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Creating operational excellence begins with establishing standard operating procedures. The next step is to digitalize SOP. What is SOP?SOP means “standard operating procedure,” which is a written document that details the step-by-step instructions and best... Read More

Tips For Capturing Knowledge From The Factory Floor

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Man in Factory with Laptop
Knowledge management has always existed in the factory, but how it’s been captured and transferred has often been a slow and arduous process. But with the advent of knowledge sharing platforms, companies are using technology to share knowledge in more immediate and dynamic ways.<... Read More

Best Practices For Digitizing Work Instructions

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Imagine you have just been hired as the new Operations Excellence Manager for a company that has already been in business for a number of years. And you’ve been tasked with managing the development of tools and methodologies that improve the skills and knowledge of your employees.... Read More