5 Tips to Create Your First Video Course

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Considering that video is the most popular form of content to create and consume, it’s no shock that video courses are everywhere now. If sharing knowledge or subject matter expertise is your goal then video is the best medium to do that. Define the promise and the pain your course will solve. </... Read More

Best Practices For Digitizing Work Instructions

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Imagine you have just been hired as the new Operations Excellence Manager for a company that has already been in business for a number of years. And you’ve been tasked with managing the development of tools and methodologies that improve the skills and knowledge of your employees.... Read More

10 Best Practices for SMEs to Create an Instructional Video Library

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create an instructional video library
Many successful organizations create an instructional video library for their employees to reference as part of onboarding and training. These invaluable databases serve as a hub for learning, development, upskilling, and reskilling. By pooling subject matter expert (SME) knowledg... Read More

Making Manufacturing Safer Through Video Work Instructions

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Factory Workers Workstation
In the manufacturing industry, safety is always at the forefront of leadership’s concerns. Workers often operate in potentially dangerous settings, operating heavy tools and handling hazardous materials alongside large, complex machinery. In that kind of environment, accidents are always ... Read More