Evolving e-learning trends

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As we were all forced to work from home due to COVID-19, e-learning has proven to be an excellent substitute for on-site employee training. So much so, that even after the easing of restrictions, e-learning is believed to be a keeper. And for good reason.What is e-learning... Read More

How Onboarding with Interactive How-To Video Increases Employee Retention

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For a company to find, hire, and train a replacement for a mid-level employee, it would cost approximately 150% of that employee’s annual salary, and for senior-level team members who may specialize in certain fields such as venture capital or private equity, that cost jumps to 400% of th... Read More

How to use digital training in GMP for Pharma

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Good manufacturing practice (GMP) does not just mean making a quality product. It means minimizing all risks involved in any part of the process of pharmaceutical production. Training and instructing employees to meet the GMP requirements is an important element in achieving the GMP compl... Read More