All-in-one video microlearning platform

All the training tools you need to simplify microlearning creation from start to finish.


More than 1 million people use Speach

The Microlearning platform made for Large Enterprise

Create & Share short, step-by-step, multimedia microlearning (video, audio, simulation, documents, knowledge check...)

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Create Microlearning Videos in Minutes

More than 10+ tools to Record & Create

Screen recording, video recording, slides creation, quiz...

Everything in one place to edit your microlearning video

Trim, cut, change the audio, add subtitles, upload PPT

Make your microlearning interactive

Synchronize your video with slides, add annotations, links, text, assessments

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Subtitle & Translate in one click

Generate automatically and translate subtitles in more than 30 languages!

Automatically generate subtitles in seconds with AI

Edit manually your subtitles and adjust the timing

Translate subtitles into more than 30 languages

New : audio translation feature

Generate automatically audio from text and translate voice in more than 30 languages!

Human-like voice
Automatic translation
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Deploy & Track instantly

Measure the engagement and effectiveness of your training video content with detailed analytics.

Assign training & SOPs video to user groups

Deliver certificates based on assessments results

Get detailed analytics on learner activities

✨AI-Powered Training platform ✨

From question generation, text creation, audio generation to video creation, creating learning objects just got easier and more effective than ever with the power of AI.

Transform Your Training with AI: Discover Speach AI


Why our clients love Speach

Merck Group

I dreamed of it, you did it! Speach makes the work instructions visual and changed our way to train employees. Speach helped us reduce human errors and improve the quality of our training. We are now saving a significant amount of time by digitalizing our in-person training.

Eric Pithon, QA Training Manager, Merck
Amélie Caspar, Quality System Engineer, Merck

BPCE Group

"Thanks to Speach, we killed the e-learning at BPCE; Speach has truly become a pillar for us that is essential for all knowledge sharing. It really accelerated the sharing of knowledge deep within the teams. We built a learning culture and are now in Learning 2.0. "

- Pascal Aubert, Head of Digital Learning
- Clement Guillet, Digital Learning Project Manager

Why our clients use Speach

75%Errors Reduction
65%Training Time Reduction
90%Employees engagement
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Benefits of using Speach

Efficient Just-in-Time Training

Better learner recall & engagement

Optimize Training Time

Standardize ways of working

Features that our clients love

10+ creation tools

Access control (SSO)

Powerful dashboard

GMP & FDA compliant

Electronic signature

Workflow validation

Versioning control

Audit readiness

Share & Manage Worldwide

Distribute compliant process and SOPs all over your sites, ensuring a standardized way of working.

Share the same speaches all over your sites

Each site can adjust the speaches if needed

Speaches can be shared between sites

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IOS & Android Mobile application

Download the mobile application here

Record video with the Speach native mobile application

Edit, add annotations, trim

Share easily and update at any time

GxP Compliant
Easy to use
Try it yourself!
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Speach integrates with your LMS, DMS & any other software

Extend the value of your Speach platform with
integration solutions that are seamless, flexible, and fit your unique business needs (SSO, SCORM, xAPI, EMBED...)

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