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How can we anticipate the employees off boarding and transfer their know-how and expertise?


The Challenge

Groupe ADP is undergoing a transformation. With the massive departure of baby boomers, it is poised to renew a large proportion of its workforce over the next decade. The transfer of know-how is therefore a major challenge to develop the skills of employees.

The Solution

Groupe ADP and Speach have jointly developed interactive tutorials on the use of airport tools. This means that employees have access to the knowledge they need at any time, quickly and directly on their iPad. Speach is a way of capitalizing on existing know-how and making it accessible to all.

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The results

With the creation and distribution of video tutorials, Groupe ADP has massively trained staff whose hospitality job has evolved. In two months, they were able to access the content and be accompanied by this change with, in addition to the traditional training, access to video tutorials at any time, directly on smartphones and tablets, while on the go. The Speach platform is open to the 6,000 employees of the ADP Group, which wants to use it as a tool to drive change, gain agility and enhance talents.

6,000ADP collaborators use the platform

Main Advantages

Reduction in training

Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced thanks to online training


Skill improvement guarantees the operational excellence of all employees

Training large numbers of new hires

All employees are onboarded through Speach video tutorials

Access on-demand

Speaches enable continuous learning and can be accessed on desktop, tablet or smartphone


"The Speach solution is simple, fun and allows everyone to transfer their know-how and business gestures."

Christine Turzynski, HR Project Manager

Deliver the right information to the right employees when they need it