Enterprise Suite - Unlock the power of knowledge at scale

Give all the teams in your company the knowledge they need to create an exceptional business.


The security of your data is important to us!

The data that you store with Speach may contain confidential information. Here at Speach and with Enterprise Suite, data security is one of our top priorities, both in product design and in hosting infrastructures.

Encryption of data in transit

SSO based on SAML

Possibility of dedicated hosting

Access protection by domain and/or by original IP

Fine management of internal authorizations

24/7/365 application and infrastructure supervision

2 hour maximum RTO

Regular internal security audits

High quality streaming at any connection speed

We deliver the highest streaming quality via adaptive streaming. With adaptive streaming someone on their phone can view your content (even in a tunnel) on a 3G network. Without interrupting playback, we’re able to automatically adjust the quality based on the viewer’s Internet speed.

Streaming quality.png
Instant playback2.png

Instant playback, wherever they’re located

We use several top-tier, global video CDNs (content delivery networks) to deliver content around the world. When a viewer presses play on a Speach, the content will be delivered from the closest server.

Enterprise suite: multiple teams, locations, business units

Manage large, complex teams and mirror the way your company works with Enterprise suite. Unlimited workspaces give every group a place to organize their speach, while centralized controls give administrators a single point of visibility for the whole organization.

Multiple teams.png

Scale with unlimited workspaces

Provide every team with a focused place to collaborate. Unlimited workspaces give teams access to the speaches that matter most to their business unit and locations.

Build bridges between teams

Create communication structures that mirror the way your company works. Share speaches between teams when needed, even with outside vendors.

Find company wide information

Enable members of any team to find the speach they need to get work done with organization-wide search and new speach announcements.

Fine-tune your security settings

From a single view, administrators can manage security, policy, and compliance for your entire organization — or for specific workspaces. They can provide multiple SSO inside the organization or with outside suppliers or customers.

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