Articulate 360 alternative

Get all the features you need to easily create, share, and track microlearning video in minutes, all in one easy-to-use tool.

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Empower Your Workforce with Advanced Video Training Tools

Why Choose Speach?
Unlike traditional training platforms, Speach offers robust video recording and editing tools that transform how your team creates and consumes training content. Our intuitive platform goes beyond the basics of Articulate 360 by providing specialized features designed for the modern workplace.

Video Recording and Editing

Capture and Customize: Easily record high-quality videos directly within the Speach app, whether on-site or in the office. Our advanced editing tools let you trim, cut, and annotate videos to make each training module perfectly tailored to your needs.

Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate with your training team in real-time. Edit and comment directly on video content to enhance learning materials swiftly and efficiently.

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Why Speach is better than Articulate 360

Made for SMEs

All in one platform made for Subject Matter Expert from creation, video recording to reporting.

Video centered

All the tools in one place for video recording and editing. No skills required!

Step-by-Step format

Each microlearning is designed with chapters and sub-chapters

Enterprise-level Security

Once captured or created, data is never lost.

Approval workflows

Automated review and validation workflows across the content lifecycle.

Mobile learning

IOS and Android app made for creation and consume mobile learning.

How BPCE eradicate Articulate with Speach

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Minimize Compliance Risks

Speach's platform ensures precise GxP training, significantly reducing compliance breaches. It provides a consistent understanding of regulations across all employee levels, mitigating risks associated with misinterpretation or non-compliance. This uniform approach to training ensures that all team members are equally informed and adhere to the necessary standards, thus maintaining high compliance levels within the organization.

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Reduce Training Time and Costs

Our efficient learning modules dramatically shorten the time required for comprehensive GxP training, making the process more streamlined than traditional methods. This efficiency not only saves significant time but also reduces the costs associated with lengthy training programs. By delivering focused and concise training content, Speach helps organizations save valuable resources while still ensuring high-quality education.

Track and Report Progress

The platform allows for real-time monitoring of employee progress in GxP training, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. Additionally, our detailed reporting feature is invaluable for compliance audits, providing thorough documentation and evidence of training. This feature not only prepares an organization for regulatory scrutiny but also helps in identifying areas for improvement in training.



What they say about Speach

As a Quality Director in the pharmaceutical industry, finding an effective way to deliver GxP-compliant training was challenging until we started using Speach. This microlearning platform transformed our approach to training. Its GxP-compliant features made complex regulations understandable and engaging for our team, and the ability to quickly update content ensures we're always compliant.
The tracking and reporting feature has been a standout, making audit preparations simpler and more efficient. With Speach, we've seen a noticeable improvement in employee engagement and retention of GxP concepts, and the reduced training time has been a significant cost-saver.
Speach is an invaluable tool for any pharmaceutical company seeking efficient, compliant, and effective training solutions.

Alex Taylor - Quality Director

More than just a GxP-compliant training software

Speach is not just another tool for creating GxP compliant training; it's an entire ecosystem dedicated to effective learning. Beyond its powerful video creation capabilities, Speach integrates micro-learning principles, interactive elements, and real-time collaboration features. This holistic approach ensures not only the production of engaging content but also its effective delivery, fostering deeper understanding and lasting impact.

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