Knowledge Transfer
For the Energy Sector

Improve Operations & Reduce Downtime Through Knowledge Sharing

Speach is a video knowledge transfer solution that enables drilling, exploration, and environmental workers to easily create and share technical best practices. Organizations in the energy sector can achieve operational excellence and create sustainable cost savings through brief, interactive How-Tos.

The Speach format seamlessly merges video, documents, audio, screen captures, hyperlinks and more to reduce organizational reliance on formal training, documents and meetings. With an ideal duration of 10 minutes, a Speach can be created and viewed on an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. From formal employee training material to employee generated content and digital work instructions, content is indexed in a streamlined digital library.

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Reduce Unplanned Downtime

When equipment in the energy sector goes down, a valuable part of the business screeches to a halt. Unplanned downtime costs oil and gas companies an average of $42 million a year. With Speach, workers can more quickly access instructional video tutorials to help them perform necessary repairs and get malfunctioning equipment back online faster. Speach can be used across all business processes to help department heads optimize production and improve overall operations.

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Increase The Value Of Assets

To remain competitive, energy sector operators must leverage the proper solutions for improving asset reliability and integrity. According to Booz Allen, digital oilfield technologies could increase the net present value of oil and gas assets by 25%. Through engaging video-based content, instructions for preemptive maintenance on critical components or for upskilling staff on new equipment can now be easily created and accessed.

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Enable Rapid Onboarding

With reduced headcounts, increased staff turnover and a heavy reliance on contingent labor, it is imperative that energy corporations adopt technologies that enable rapid yet effective onboarding. The Speach video knowledge-transfer format was designed for more efficient, less costly delivery of training content for faster integration of new workers. The Speach How-To software helps ensure safety and enhance knowledge retention of new hires through brief video capsules that can be viewed without leaving the worksite.

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Manage The Great Crew Change

The Society of Petroleum Engineers estimates that up to 50% of skilled workers could retire from oil and gas companies by 2025. Speach helps organizations prepare for the replacement of Baby Boomers with less experienced workers by providing an easy to use knowledge capture solution. Mission-critical information and best practices can be created, indexed and made accessible in the video-based format preferred by Millennials and Generation Z.

Digital Work Instructions With Speach

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Speach’s knowledge transfer software can be seamlessly integrated into the digital operations strategy of energy sector companies. Short video tutorials and digital work instructions will enhance the quality and speed of work on oil rigs, offshore wind farms, pipelines and elsewhere. Empower resident experts to participate in the quick sharing of informal knowledge, while creating an on-demand library of How-To content accessible from any workstation or device.

Simple Steps For Effective Knowledge Transfer

  • Capture—Choose a skill or piece of knowledge to share with your team or partner, break it down into smaller steps, and add one or several different media formats including video, slides and documents.
  • Share—Publish the Speach to share with your department or across the entire organization. For sensitive information, create a private group of users and invite your team.
  • Manage—Collect the data you need: who’s watched, for how long, feedback, badges given and more. Reply to user questions or comments.
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Key Features of the Speach Knowledge Sharing Platform

Smartphone, Tablet & Webcam Capture

Upload Video

Create Slides

Screen Recording

Edit Video

Versions Stored

Quizzes and Badges

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