SpeachMe for Financial Services

How-To Video Solution for Financial Servies

SpeachMe is a video creation solution that enables employees in the financial services industry to share How-To content that merges video captured from any device with documents, screen captures and more. SpeachMe is designed to reduce organizational reliance on conference calls, emails and other inefficient knowledge transfer and collaboration tools. With a recommended duration of 10 minutes, a Speach is more structured and shorter than a webinar and more engaging than a learning object.

Read below to learn more about how SpeachMe can help your bank or insurance firm can operate more efficiently.

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Training and Onboarding

New employees will come up-to-speed more quickly on processes and products by providing them with a collection of multimedia content created by their peers from across the organization. SpeachMe enables the creation of an easily accessible repository of digital training content that employees can leverage to continuously improve and update their skills without major disruptions to their work day.

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Change Management

Global financial services firms embarking on change programs across multiple departments and geographies must incorporate new technologies to ensure successful initiatives. SpeachMe enables quick and efficient creation and delivery of information for easier communication, collaboration and to speed adoption of digital tools.

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Sales Enablement

By providing easy access to meaningful product and customer information, your sales team will be equipped to offer more effective solutions to solve customer challenges. A Speach can help reinforce product knowledge and help your reps master competitive messaging.

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Corporate Communications

SpeachMe allows professionals in training and corporate communications to quickly share video content that can be viewed by employees in individual departments or the entire organization. From new training material to instructional How-To content, SpeachMe puts the power of content creation in the hands of training and development professionals. Corporate communicators can also take advantage of interactive video presentations for executive messaging and company updates.

Financial Services Industry Speach
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With SpeachMe, companies in the banking, insurance and investment services industries can empower resident experts to participate in the quick sharing of informal knowledge – enhancing collaboration and communication and creating a dynamic knowledge sharing network powered by employees.


Choose a skill or piece of knowledge to share with your team or customers, break it down into smaller steps, and add one or several different media formats including video, slides and documents.


Publish the Speach to share with your department or across the entire organization. For sensitive information, create a private group of users and invite your team.


Collect the data you need: who’s watched, for how long, feedback, badges given and more. Reply to user questions or comments.

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Key Features

Smartphone, Tablet & Webcam Capture

Upload Video

Create Slides

Screen Recording

Edit Video

Versions Stored

Quizzes and Badges

Select Customers

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