How-To Video Solution for the Enterprise

Say it with a Speach

A Speach enables anyone to create a short and interactive video tutorial and share it with their team.


Choose the skill or knowledge to share with your team or customers, break it down into smaller steps, pick up one or several different media options from the platform


Publish the speach within your community. For sensitive information, create a private group of users and invite your team


Collect the data you need: who has seen it, for how long, feedback, badges given… Reply to user questions or comments. The speach is an interactive content to provide a massive source of data.

Ready to maximize your team’s performance ?


SpeachMe’s platform is a convenient way to refresh workers’ minds on technical gestures, and to put the spotlight on those who know the best practices. We had to reduce our non quality costs, plus we needed a modern digital tool for training. For all these reasons speachme was a great fit and since we have dropped our non quality costs of 76%.

Nadine Coedel

Head of Management Skills


More than just a video

Incorporate more than 10 different options and capitalize on interactive content to boost knowledge acquisition and retention. Including : video – PDF – Presentation – Slides – Screencast – Voice over – Quizzes – Survey and more …

Play your Speach anywhere

For a seamless access and to avoid switching from one platform to another, integrate your speach within your existing tools or environment: social network, corporate website, app, LMS …

Find the content you need

SpeachMe is driven by a powerful search engine for quick access to the speach you need, when and where you want it.


Create and share from anywhere

Thanks to both iOS and Android apps, your team can access the speach wherever and whenever they want. You can even access your speach offline.

SpeachMe at enterprise scale


SpeachMe fits any entreprise. Whether you want to integrate Speaches to existing environments, open a wide access to the platform, or manage security policies, our platform meets your needs.