How to create a spot-on Speach within minutes?

Thanks to our innovative Speach format which combines a smart, agile method designed by our teams, now you save a tremendous amount of time while creating professional tutorials, sharing your knowledge in no time!

When managers are overbooked, and your company is running out of time to train and onboard new hires, it might be wiser to look for user friendly digital tools. Nothing works better than speeding up the transferring of knowledge and skills.

The corporate tutorial you are going to love

Do you need to share best practices on your business expertise in your office or showcase technical gestures or security instructions on the field?

Thanks to a Speach, the new generation video based tutorial, you can quickly and easily create training materials directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We provide you with simple tips and advice to guide you all the way through! Based on our experience, we’ve created easy-to-use templates to help you structure your thoughts.  Our Customer Success Managers are here to help you share your knowledge optimally.

Within one Speach you will discover how to:

– Create a Speach and type an outline

– Select which media to work with

– Use each type of media available on the platform

– Interact with your audience

– And much more…