4 golden rules to center your video tutorials correctly

Do you need to create a video of you speaking into a camera? Here are a few shooting tips that will help make your message even more meaningful.

For intro videos or to share expert insights, it’s a good idea to ask somebody else to film you. But in any case, do keep in mind these rules:

1. Don’t cut off the head or the elbows

In movie-making, eccentricities are allowed – like having half of your body outside the frame, or looking down into the camera. But if you want to be taken seriously in your tutorial, we’d advise that you go the traditional route!

Be careful that the frame doesn’t cut off the top of your head, nor your elbows.

Don’t be too close nor too far – the best framing is from your waist upwards. You could then support your argument using hand gestures.

2. There is such a thing as too centered

For a well-balanced shot, don’t center your face too much. Ideally, your eyes should be aligned with the first third of the image.

3. Leave space for the annotations

Remember that you can enhance your video using annotations, images or links. So give them some space by placing yourself slightly to the side. (But remember to stay in the frame!)

4. Face the computer when you speak

Be aware of the height of your laptop when you film with a webcam. If you’re working on a laptop, ideally you should place it on a raised surface so that it’s level with your eyes. But avoid a huge close-up and keep your shoulders within the frame.

And – this one makes all the difference – resist the urge to stare into the center of the screen, even though that’s where you see yourself. Your audience is your camera, not the tip of your nose!

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