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How Aperam increases the value of their know-how and business knowledge

Aperam is a global steel group specializing in stainless steel, electrical steel and special steels. Aperam pays great attention to the continuous training of its employees. Employee health and safety is a top priority for the group, especially in the Covid context.


The Challenge

The group was looking for a new solution to easily create training content on different software as well as on manual operations related to production and safety. The Learning & Development team paid particular attention to the ease of use of the tool while researching a solution. Another criterion was that the new solution had to be compatible with the group’s LMS (Learning Management System).

The Solution

Aperam first deployed Speach to a limited number of content creators, each from a department represented in the LMS: HR, Maintenance, Ethics & Compliance, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and Sales.

“With Speach, authors have a reliable tool to produce content quickly” stated Elisabeth Boulery, Learning & Development Officer at Aperam. The platform offers useful and powerful tips to help authors create content. The addition of annotations and the editing mode allow for more impact and highlighting of key points. The short and interactive visual format, structured in chapters, guarantees a clear and guided “step-by-step” presentation.

On the knowledge sharing side, voice-to-text functionality (the latest Speach innovation) offers the possibility to automatically generate multilingual subtitles. This is an “unmatched” asset in an international context.


The results

For Elisabeth Boulery, Speach is an intuitive and easy to use tool. “The platform allows existing documentation to be inserted into Speaches, such as PDFs or videos, which saves a lot of time.” Please note: even after integration into the LMS, it is still possible to modify a speach and make updates (which are visible directly in the LMS). There is no need to extract the speach and reintegrate it!

Depending on the theme, some speaches are for 1,000 people, some for 100. To calculate its ROI, Aperam calculates the ratio between the number of people a speach is dedicated to and the number of views. In the first year of use, around 30 speaches were produced, totalling nearly 4,000 views on the platform.This result reinforces Aperam’s strategy:

“Users themselves are becoming aware that some training courses can be digitized instead of being delivered in person, while maintaining excellent training effectiveness.”

4,000Views on the platform

Main Advantages

Reduction in training

Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced thanks to online training


Skill improvement guarantees the operational excellence of all employees

Training large numbers of new hires

All employees are onboarded through Speach video tutorials

Access on-demand

Speaches enable continuous learning and can be accessed on desktop, tablet or smartphone


Collaborative experience is appreciated, both in terms of creating and viewing a speach. The “Voice to text” feature (automatic subtitling in multilingual text) is an incomparable asset because the speed of translations is impressive and saves a considerable amount of time.

Elisabeth Boulery, Learning & Development Office, Aperam

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