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How Safran enhanced operational excellence and Safety with Speach

About Safran

Safran is a multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component and defense company.
Headquartered in Paris, France, Safran has over 58,000 employees and generated revenues of 16.5 billion
euros in 2017.

The Challenge

Safran, a leading manufacturer, faced three critical challenges affecting its operational efficiency: maintaining low costs, ensuring high production quality, and meeting crucial deadlines. These challenges were compounded by specific issues:


1- Turnover

High employee turnover significantly impacted Safran due to the extensive training and knowledge required for many roles. As it often took years for employees to become fully proficient, the average tenure of less than five years meant many left just as they mastered their roles, taking valuable expertise with them.

2- Obsolete Knowledge

Rapid technological advancements in the aerospace industry frequently made certain skills redundant. This posed a challenge for employees to stay updated and for the company to facilitate effective knowledge transfer, often disrupting daily tasks.


3- Non-Quality Costs

Inefficiencies in employee training adversely affected production and manufacturing, leading to errors and processes not meeting requirements or customer needs. This resulted in a loss of crucial maintenance and repair contracts, pivotal to Safran's success. These factors combined to create a challenging environment for maintaining operational efficiency at Safran.

The Solution

Safran selected Speach, a video knowledge transfer solution for the enterprise that enables organizations to easily create and share interactive How-To content with teammembers in any location.
Speach has helped the world’s leading aerospace organizations achieve operational excellence by enhancing training, communication and collaboration across entire
maintenance organizations.


The results

Employees at Safran now have entire database of micro-training content to access which is improving outcomes in many areas of their business:

Enhanced Operational Excellence
By rapidly consolidating knowledge from subject matter experts across business units into a single, accessible database, Safran employees now have access to a wide variety of relevant training modules. Allowing access to these resources has resulted in an increased speed with which employees are able to learn relevant information, and subsequently perform their tasks, thereby improving Safran’s entire operational efficiency.

Improved Quality
Consolidating organizational knowledge into accessible tutorials has helped employees throughout the value chain understand immediately where to access information on any concerns or product related questions. This has led to a marked increase in product quality.

Increased Safety
New video tutorials helped educate and inform employees on workplace hazards and controls so they can work more safely and be more productive. Safran employees also now have a greater understanding of the safety and health program itself, so that they can contribute to its
development and implementation.

Skills Enhancement
Because employees are now learning at a quicker pace, specialized skills are now easily acquired.
This has resulted in an enhanced skill set throughout the organization, positioning them to better land important contracts.

Fewer Support Requests
Prior to the deployment of SpeachMe, Safran employees were forced to spend much of their time attempting to solve complex problems, but often ended up relying on IT at some capacity to assist them. Thanks to an accessible knowledge base of content, Safran staff can now solve their own issues, thus reducing IT support requests.

540Number of Speach created

"We were impressed by the easy to use aspect of the solution : from media capture to consultation follow-up, editing and distribution. The benefits are endless from quality improvement, training time reduction and safety enhancement. Finally, beyond the technical solution, we discovered high-quality service and support."

SpeachMaker at Safran Landing Sytem

Main Advantages

Reduction in training

Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced thanks to online training


Skill improvement guarantees the operational excellence of all employees

Training large numbers of new hires

All employees are onboarded through Speach video tutorials

Access on-demand

Speaches enable continuous learning and can be accessed on desktop, tablet or smartphone

Deliver the right information to the right employees when they need it