How Digital Platforms Are Transforming The Workplace

Metallurgy workers in workshop using SpeachMe platform

There’s a revolution going on in the manufacturing workplace – and it’s being driven by digital platforms that allow personnel, devices, and databases to connect like never before. Some call this new frontier Industry 4.0, and a variety of technologies including artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things are involved in the change. But digital platforms are playing a vital role in strengthening the connection between workers, machines, and geographically distinct locations, helping to consolidate and unify an organization’s workforce for increased efficiency. At SpeachMe, we’re proud to be helping to lead the charge by offering a cloud-based knowledge sharing platform that can help any organization operate more efficiently.

The Efficiency of Digital Connection

Thanks to the rapid advances in cloud internet and mobile device capabilities, the potential for digital connection is greater than ever before. Modern digital platforms offer an opportunity to unify workers even if they’re half a world apart, allowing for unparalleled organizational efficiency. But in order to capitalize on the potential, it’s critical to have a cohesive, intuitive, and comprehensive way to connect and unite employees.

That’s where digital platforms come in. Enterprise digital knowledge sharing platforms offer a centralized hub where employees can connect, work together, and share knowledge in real time, no matter their skill set or location. In effect, the platform “frees” the information, releasing it from the mind of a single employee and making it available to anyone on the cloud. With an intuitive, powerful knowledge sharing platform, any piece of information is available to anyone else in the company, instantly, which provides an unparalleled opportunity for improving intra-organizational cooperation. Combine this with an intuitive, video-first interface, and the possibilities are limitless.

Try Our Video-Based Continuous Improvement Enterprise Software

Modern digital enterprise software platforms have the potential to transform any organization, but not all are created equal. At SpeachMe, we’re proud to have built a state-of-the-art enterprise video knowledge sharing platform that can supercharge any organization. Our digital work instruction tool makes it effortless for employees to share high-value knowledge instantly to anyone in your organization – and if you’d like to learn more about how it can help you, we’d love to chat. Contact us to learn more about how SpeachMe can transform your organization through video. We can’t wait to hear from you!