A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Interactive Video Microlearning by Subject Matter Expert

Create microlearning

Creating interactive video microlearning content is accessible even for frontline workers unfamiliar with digital tools or instructional design. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough for creating a Speach, focusing on practical examples from a manufacturing site. We'll refine the Speach structure to include an introduction with "why" and "what" and a body with "how" for a rounded learning experience.

Step 1: Plan Your Content

Identify the Learning Objective

Determine what learners should know or be able to do after the Speach. Segment your objective into smaller, manageable steps for digestible content.

Break Down the Steps

Each step should incrementally build towards the overarching goal, simplifying creation and ensuring content is digestible.

Step 2: Script and Storyboard

Write a Concise Script

Use simple language and structure your content with bullet points for clarity without overwhelming learners.

Create a Storyboard

Sketch or outline each video segment as a visual guide, helping anticipate how each scene will look.

Step 3: Film Your Video

Choose the Right Environment

Find a quiet, well-lit location, preferably with natural light, relevant to your instructional content.

Keep It Simple

Use a smartphone camera and a tripod for stability, focusing on instructional content.

Be Natural and Engaging

Be authentic, speak clearly, and edit out any mistakes later.

Step 4: Edit Your Video with Speach

Utilize Speach for Easy Editing

Speach simplifies the editing process with tools for trimming clips, canceling noise, adding annotations, and incorporating rich media.

Incorporate Rich Media

Enhance your video with images, diagrams, quizzes, and other interactive elements that align with your Speach steps.

Step 5: Structure Your Speach

Introduction (Why and What)

Start with an overview of why the training is essential and what goals it aims to achieve.

Example Structure for a Packaging Machine Speach:

  1. Introduction: Explain the importance of operating the new packaging machine efficiently and safely.
  2. Identifying Parts: Video walkthrough of machine components, supplemented by labeled images.
  3. Loading Materials: Step-by-step instructions on loading materials, with specifications document.
  4. Starting the Machine: Demonstration of startup process and safety checks, reinforced with an interactive quiz.
  5. Presenting the EPI: Introduce required personal protective equipment with video and images, emphasizing safety.
  6. Conclusion: Summarize key points, stressing safety and efficiency, and encourage practice.

Share and Gather Feedback

Distribute your Speach and request feedback to refine and improve future content.


By leveraging the Speach platform, frontline workers can create impactful and interactive video microlearning content. This structured approach ensures the creation of engaging and pedagogically sound training materials.