Tips For Capturing Knowledge From The Factory Floor

Capture SME's expertise

Knowledge management has always existed in the factory, but how it’s been captured and transferred has often been a slow and arduous process. But with the advent of knowledge sharing platforms, companies are using technology to share knowledge in more immediate and dynamic ways.



The field of knowledge management identifies two types of knowledge. Explicit knowledge is knowledge or skills that can easily be articulated, understood, and shared with others. Typically, in written work instructions or diagrams on the shop floor. Tacit knowledge, on the other hand, is knowledge that is difficult to articulate and share because it is usually intuitive skill sets such as an aesthetic sense or innovative thinking.


Companies are now recognizing that capturing and sharing both forms of knowledge is a primary goal that will help improve decision-making, build expertise and increase efficiencies that will lead to making more informed, faster and more profitable decisions.


Benefits of Knowledge Management

Companies that are embracing knowledge management experience more collaboration and idea generation, recognize human capital as an asset, have a culture of knowledge sharing, and have captured and stored knowledge for their future workforce.


One of the biggest challenges of knowledge management, however, has been how to implement it. That is where the knowledge sharing platform comes into play.


What is a Knowledge Sharing Platform?

A knowledge sharing platform is a technological solution that allows employees to easily connect with one another to collaborate on products, services, and operations of the company. There are many different platforms out there and choosing one is an important decision. You’ll want to make sure you do your homework before selecting a platform that is right for your business.


Tips for Using a Knowledge Sharing Platform

You’ll want to make sure that your platform encompasses the various needs of your company. Here are some tips on how to use a platform:

  • Capture knowledge on-the-spot, especially tacit knowledge that is intuitive and not easy to articulate
  • Transfer the knowledge to other employees quickly, such as showing how parts go together or how to use a new piece of equipment
  • Replace the old written work instructions with a dynamic, interactive tool where employees can share their experiences, advice, and feedback
  • Train employees on the floor as they are working versus having to shut down the floor for training
  • Capturing and storing data to improve processes, products, the supply chain, and distribution


Speach is a Revolutionary Knowledge Sharing Platform


Speach takes knowledge sharing platforms to the next level. Digital visualization is at the heart of Speach. Speaches are interactive, how-to videos that any employee can use to capture, transfer, and store knowledge, and it can be used in every aspect of your business. Supporting both iOS and Android, you can use it on any device right on the factory floor. If you are interested in learning more about a knowledge sharing solution that can keep pace with your changing operational environment, contact us to learn more about Speach or request a demo. We look forward to helping you transform the way you share knowledge.