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The digital transformation of an industrial group involves the introduction of new technologies. Not to mention updating the processes and skills of its employees as well.



Learn step by step how to get into Industry 4.0 video instructions, by leveraging your three most powerful internal resources: people, processes and technologies.


To take full advantage of automation, operators need to develop and upgrade their skills. The modernization production also involves process optimization to facilitate decision-making in operational daily life in order to increase productivity.


The transition to Industry 4.0 is relevant to these three levels of your company: the employees, the processes and equipment used. Each of resource contains critical information to identify potential areas for improvement:

  • Employees: Do they have the right skills at the right time?
  • Processes: Where are the weak points and bottlenecks?
  • Technologies and equipment: What is the condition of your machines? And does the technology used cover your current needs?

Let’s see together how to rethink the organization of your means of production in order to optimize the “cost-time-quality triptych”.


1. Develop the skills of your employees

According to a 2018 World Economic Forum report, more than half of employees (54%) will need to upgrade their skills by 2022. To take advantage of technology, companies must capitalize on the continuous development of employee skills. Indeed, the promise of automation in terms of productivity and cost reduction will only be maximized if industries make “upskilling” a priority.


With the digitalization of production chains, operators must acquire new technical skills and integrate new modes of operation. For example, employees may have to change how they course correct, manage data or define a maintenance plan. In Industry 4.0, employees learn to work online, on the go, to instruct robots, or to repair an engine with step-by-step visual instruction.


The development of technologies and data in real time on production lines also requires operators to have “soft skills” such as autonomy in decision-making and the ability to “learn to learn” to grow.


Promoting knowledge sharing and supporting employees’ daily skills development is therefore a key challenge for the factory of the future. In addition, generations Y and Z are entering the workforce and have unique learning methods. They want short, immersive content, available anywhere, anytime and on demand, according to their needs.


2. Rethink your processes with video instructions

A continuous improvement approach constantly challenges current practices to optimize existing processes. This can be done, for example, by improving work stations, eliminating waste and reducing risks.


One of the founding principles of Kaizen is to appeal to collective intelligence and to promote the empowerment of employees. Facilitating the sharing of knowledge between employees and the feedback of information from the field makes it possible to obtain regular and progressive improvements in the process. Employees on the production line know the machines used and have already experienced certain situations. They are therefore able to give context to events that have occurred. By offering the possibility to each operator to contribute to the improvement of a process in the form of short and simple content, you will develop their autonomy and their commitment.


Despite the ubiquity of digital, operational procedures, there is still a dependency on written documentation. Written documentation can sometimes be difficult to find and consult, especially for younger generations, who are used to consuming short, interactive and immersive content. Work video instructions take less time to produce than written formats and are more easily viewed by employees.


Employee errors are the number one cause of quality control problems in manufacturers today. Interactive video instructions provides a clear and concise explanation without the risk of misinterpretation.


Today, too many companies are finding temporary solutions to recurring problems. Even when a process is improved, it is not always communicated quickly and on a large scale to other production sites. An operating procedure filmed step by step in the form of enriched video can be instantly shared with all other sites and factories around the world.


In addition, watching a technical procedure filmed step by step can provide improvement opportunities which help gauge performance or efficiency. Operators can also quickly document a problem on the production line.


3. Renew equipment and invest in technology

In the era of Industry 4.0, renewing machines and integrating new technologies offers a more connected, better controlled and more profitable production tool. Updating equipment and digitizing the production line will increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and therefore reduce machine downtime.


As we have seen, digital transformation is driven by people who develop their skills and rethink processes to take advantage of technology. The gradual digitization of the production tool will make it possible to entrust repetitive tasks to robots to free up time for employees with missions that have a higher added value. Technology should not decrease the capabilities of employees. In fact, technology applied effectively will empower employees. Connected operators will use the power of artificial intelligence and real-time data to make informed decisions. Thus, investing in technology will expand your capabilities for increased productivity.


Immersive video instructions assist your operators on a daily basis. They are part of a process of continuous learning and improvement for the use of new machines. With Speach, employees get accustomed to digital by using a digital mobility solution, which facilitates their daily operational life. Your teams can develop skills independently and proactively, according to their needs. Thanks to a structured and easily updated knowledge base, they will be able to make decisions more quickly and unlock situations on the ground. Your employees can quickly consult and optimize the processes and operating modes on the machines that enter the company each year. With Speach, deliver the right expertise to the right person, when they need it.




About Speach


Speach is a video instructions platform that guides operators step by step in performing a technical method. These immersive videos can be enriched with other elements to detail a process, describe a technical method, share know-how or best practices.