Knowledge sharing: jazz up your videos using annotations

Add annotations on videos

To share ways of working, a video is good, but a juiced-up video is even better! With a few clicks, you can annotate your video to make it more exciting for your viewers.


Are you facing the camera? Are you filming your actions using camera glasses? Or did you opt for a screencast? Regardless of your choice, there are several types of annotations that can enhance and illustrate your speech.


The most frequently used annotations are texts, but you can also insert a URL, an image, boxed text or arrows.

🧠 Make memorization easy

From a pedagogical point of view, adding an annotation makes memorizing key messages easier and also grasps the attention of the viewer. The most important aspect is finding the best type of annotation for your video.

  • Text annotation is most suitable to share additional information, to add a table of contents, a title, a caption, or a list.
  • Image annotation is best to illustrate your statements, to zoom in on a particular gesture or make your video more fun to watch!
  • Boxed text and arrows are useful to point to an important element and focus the viewer’s attention on a specific part of the video when you show them a particular technical movement or how to use a program.
  • A URL can be inserted to link to a specific website.

👩‍🏫 Explaining industry procedures

When an operations manager needs to demonstrate a technical procedure, text can help support the demonstration. You can also add arrows that draw attention to specific details and important information.



interactive training video


🏆 Improving service

Annotations can help you enrich your camera-facing presentation. They are also very useful when an expert has to present a new program or application to his or her colleagues.


interactive video elearning


By adding annotations to a video, you not only make it more convincing, you also enrich the learning experience of your viewers!




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