Making Manufacturing Safer Through Video Work Instructions

Factory Workers Workstation

In the manufacturing industry, safety is always at the forefront of leadership’s concerns. Workers often operate in potentially dangerous settings, operating heavy tools and handling hazardous materials alongside large, complex machinery. In that kind of environment, accidents are always a risk. But modern technology can help make the factory floor safer than ever before, and at SpeachMe, we’re helping make manufacturing everywhere safer through video.


How Video Can Improve Manufacturing Safety

Even with a highly-skilled workforce, the primary cause of manufacturing accidents is operator error. New workers may not feel confident with company protocol, seasoned veterans may get too comfortable, or there may be miscommunication in the training process – wherever it comes from, many accidents occur due to slip-ups on process or procedure.


Enterprise cloud video technology can change that. A robust knowledge sharing solution for work instructions and best practices videos offers a new way for workers to access and interact with the information they need to do their jobs – eliminating the knowledge gap between employee and procedure.


Digital tools put best practices videos directly at employees’ fingertips, 24/7, making it easy for them to brush up on skills or perform an action correctly. For new employees, cloud software such as Speach offers detailed analytics on watch time, engagement rate, and quiz results, providing a surefire check to ensure that every new employee understands company procedures 100%. This new level of interaction and control helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks so that when your employees start a task, they know the SOP through and through – and that makes the plant floor a safer place for everyone.


Implement an Employee Knowledge Sharing Video Solution Today

When it comes to safety, organizations cannot take shortcuts. An interactive digital format like Speach means your safety training process is more efficient and effective, creating a safer environment for each and every work at your company. See the difference that 21st-century digital work instruction software can make in a smart manufacturing organization: talk to us about how Speach can help your company today.