Remote Learning : 5 Ways Covid-19 Has Changed the Training Landscape

Remote learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways. Never has the ways of the human race seen so much change in such a short time. From causing the stopping of all learning and sporting events, to the banning of all crowd gatherings, everyone wants to see the back of this pandemic.


Like all the other sectors, the corporate world has had to make certain adjustments in light of the pandemic. Training, an exercise that used to be in person, has had to shift online much due to necessity rather than desire.


Let’s look at some of the ways the corporate training landscape has changed with Covid-19.


1. Disruption of the Existing Training Structures

Before the corporate world could even get used to the ‘new normal‘, they experienced massive disruptions in most of their training programs. Strategies were torn to shreds as the virus ripped the world apart.


That in part led to the rise of remote training to rebuild the corporate training structures that had borne the brunt of the virus. Businesses had to adapt fast, and adapt they have.


2. The Emergence of Remote Online Training

This is perhaps the most striking effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the training landscape. Since face-to-face training isn’t a possibility, the corporate sector has had to improvise greatly and have most of the trainees trained online from the comfort of their homes.


Most corporate entities have had to put in place tools to train their workers away from the office. Covid-19 necessitated the retraining of most training providers to offer trainees online learning.


3. An Increased Focus on the Development of Digital Learning Infrastructure

Due to the rise of remote learning, most companies have learned the importance of investing in digital learning infrastructure, albeit painfully. This isn’t much of a surprise seeing the effect the virus had on the existing training mechanisms.


Technological dinosaurs that had downplayed the importance of technology in a company’s success have had to learn the hard way.


4. Reduction in Dependence on Classroom Training

As everything shifts online, there has been a reduction in the dependence on the old-style classroom training method. This has had an unprecedented effect on the ability of learners to grasp the content of the training.


Companies have had to diversify the way they train their workers with more emphasis on online training strategies.


5. The Need for Trainees to Get to Grips with Digital Learning

Thanks to Covid-19, it is a bad time for a trainee to lack the necessary digital skills. Never has the ability to quickly grasp how to use digital platforms ever been so important.


The forced shift to remote learning means most workers and training providers have learned how to use digital platforms. Understanding modern-day technology and its impact on training isn’t only a preserve of a few tech-savvy or young workers.


The Bottom Line

There is no doubt Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on the corporate world. However, with the rise of remote learning, the green shoots of recovery can be seen.



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