Remote work and asynchronous communication: the 5 assets of Speach


To collaborate in a remote work environment, email is THE preferred communication channel to share information or ideas. However, it has its limits. Discover how speach, our asynchronous collaboration solution, will save you time and productivity!


1. A speach is more efficient

To collaborate effectively, employees must be able to find the information they need quickly. With Speach, information is structured and easy to find, even months or years later. While creating a speach, you can talk and record your discussion points up to 6xs faster than you can type. Retention with video is as high as 95% in comparison to text, which is 10%.


2. Follow progress and get instant feedback

Important information, in addition to being organized, must be accessible to your entire team. With Speach, you can confirm if your colleagues have seen your materials. Email attachments are easy to miss and we do not get instant confirmation of their review. Speach offers everyone the opportunity, wherever they are, to interact with other employees and easily access the knowledge they need. Our platform makes it possible to follow the progress of employees on a project, to know who has viewed a speach and whether it has been viewed through to the end.


3. Save time and resources

Reduce back and forth communication with Speach. Who hasn’t wasted time looking for a conversation in their mailbox? Communicating via email can be tedious. With Speach, you can collaborate with your team and have instant feedback with comments, quizzes and polls. When you communicate via email, you may not get feedback for days and communication can drop off. In a speach, your collaboration notes are in one place with easy viewing for all.


4. Visual explanations

Email text has its limits in expressing certain types of requests and may be interpreted differently. Video has this power to show more than the subject matter. You can read body language and cues from the speaker to connect in ways email does not allow. The speach is a short video format, structured in chapters, that allows you to comment on documents and screenshots to share clear, visual and guided “step-by-step” explanations. Forget about long emails: creating a speach will only take a few minutes and have more impact.


5️. Centralize resources

Collaborate in a remote work environment implies to put in place an organization that allows each employee to know what to do and how to do it, in complete autonomy. Centralizing your resources in Speach helps your colleagues achieve autonomy. Resources that are useful to your employees are gathered in one place and are accessible everytime, from any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.



Speach is a video platform that makes it easy to create and share clear, visual and step by step explanations in just a few clicks. This short format, divided in chapters, combines video, slides, documents and text.