Speach Listed on California Best Startup’s List

Speach best california's startup

Recently Speach was listed on California Best Startup’s “101 Most Innovative Collaboration Companies” list. California Best Startup tracks over 300,000 Californian startups and over 1,500,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. They created a startups directory that showcases top orgs, founders, and employees.


The “Most Innovative Collaboration Companies” List

The “101 Most Innovative Collaboration Companies” list is composed of companies that California Best Startup deems “exceptional, well worth a follow.” Included in the article are a brief summary of what Speach does with links to Twitter, CrunchBase, Speach homepage, and LinkedIn.


California Best Startup took into account many parameters when compiling their list. After all, California is the hub for tech startups and competition is fierce. Some things that were considered are: executive leadership, market share, innovation, track record, ESG rating, and more. 


About Speach

Speach is an enterprise video platform that enables organizations to easily capture, manage and distribute on-demand video tutorials. Designed to ensure a standardized way of working and improve on the job training, Speach has everything large companies need to onboard, train, upskill, and reskill employees.


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