The Main Challenges for Employee-Generated Content in Manufacturing and How to Tackle Them

EGC in manufacturing

Employee-generated content (EGC) is increasingly recognized as a valuable asset for manufacturing companies, enabling knowledge sharing and enhancing training efficiency. However, implementing an EGC strategy comes with its set of challenges. Let's explore these challenges and propose solutions to overcome them, with a special focus on the manufacturing sector's unique environment.

Challenge 1: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Problem: Maintaining the quality of content and ensuring it meets industry regulations and standards.

Solution: Implement a review and approval process involving subject matter experts to ensure all content is accurate, compliant, and up to date. Utilize platforms like Speach that offer easy-to-use tools for creating GxP and FDA compliant materials.

Challenge 2: Technical Hurdles

Problem: The technical skillset required to create engaging and informative content can be a barrier.

Solution: Provide training on content creation tools and techniques. Choose user-friendly platforms like Speach that simplify the content creation process, making it accessible to all employees regardless of their technical skills.

Challenge 3: Engagement and Motivation

Problem: Encouraging employees to share their knowledge and contribute content can be challenging.

Solution: Foster a culture of learning and sharing by recognizing and rewarding contributions. Highlight the impact of EGC on personal development and the organization's success.

Challenge 4: Content Organization and Discoverability

Problem: As content volumes grow, ensuring that information is easily accessible and organized becomes more challenging.

Solution: Implement a structured content management system with robust search capabilities. Tag and categorize content effectively to facilitate easy access.

Challenge 5: Striving for Perfection

Problem: Employees may hesitate to contribute content, fearing it won’t be perfect or professionally produced.

Solution: Encourage a culture that values contribution over perfection. Emphasize that the real value lies in the sharing of knowledge and practical insights, not in high production quality.

Challenge 6: Overcoming the "No Time" Barrier

Problem: One of the most cited obstacles in the realm of employee-generated content (EGC) within manufacturing is the sentiment, "I don’t have time to do it." Employees often feel overwhelmed by their primary responsibilities, leaving little room for additional tasks such as content creation.

Solution: Addressing this issue requires a multifaceted approach that not only involves direct actions but also a cultural shift within the organization:

  • Management Sensitization: It is crucial for the upper management to understand the significance of EGC and allocate specific times for their teams to engage in content creation. This could involve formalizing content creation as part of the job description or setting aside dedicated hours each week for these activities.
  • Leadership as Role Models: Leadership should actively participate in content creation to set an example. When employees see their leaders investing time in sharing knowledge and creating content, it not only motivates them but also establishes a culture of learning and sharing.
  • Allocating Specific Time: Organizations should designate specific hours or days focused on content creation, integrating it into regular duties and emphasizing its importance. This approach underscores the value of knowledge sharing as a critical component of an employee’s role.
  • Streamlining the Process: By utilizing platforms like Speach, which simplifies the creation of high-quality, bite-sized, visual content, the process becomes more accessible and less time-consuming. Speach’s tools are designed to fit into the workflow of employees, making it practical for them to contribute despite tight schedules.
  • Highlighting the Value: Demonstrating the dual benefits of EGC for both the organization and the employee’s professional development can enhance engagement. It’s about showing how this effort contributes to a more knowledgeable workforce and personal growth within the company.

By prioritizing content creation, sensitizing management, and demonstrating leadership commitment, companies can effectively navigate the challenge of limited time. Platforms like Speach are instrumental in this journey, offering solutions that integrate seamlessly into the daily workflows, thereby enabling a sustainable and productive approach to EGC.