Travel restrictions: 5 pitfalls for training and operations

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The impact of the current health crisis has affected us in many ways. And one of the most pressing concerns for businesses now is travel restrictions.


In light of the current situation, interstate travel is limited as well as travel out of the country. If cleared for travel, you may need to quarantine for fourteen days upon arriving at a training location and another fourteen days upon returning. This is time consuming and disruptive to training and operations processes. 


Here are five pitfalls of the impact of COVID on training and operations followed by our latest Speach and ways Speach can help you overcome and work through this new set of challenges.


🛩 Can severely impact the ability to support clients

Due to travel restrictions, we must get creative with the way we communicate to clients in order to continue supporting them.


👩‍🏫 Hinders the continuity of in-person training

In-person or OTJ (on the job training) is either not an option or requires safe distancing practices that can limit the impact of meaningful training operations. When you’re unable to travel and you have teams that are spread out across the globe, how can you be consistent with training operations?


👥 Tools like WebEx and Zoom do not have the capabilities to support and scale effective training

Although WebEx and Zoom are great tools for meetings, they cannot support or scale effective training. We’ve all been on many Zoom calls and it’s just not enough. Participating in so many of these calls can also cause “Zoom fatigue“. 


There are also limitations with organizing WebEx and Zoom calls across time zones. Finding a time that works for your team can be a challenge especially when working from different locations.


🌎 Communicating globally requires the need of translation, few tools do this too

Communicating globally requires the need for translation. If you don’t communicate in the same language as your teammates how do you share your vital information with each other?


⏳ Impact on business continuity resulting in slow adoption

Lastly, the interruption in business can hinder the adoption of best practices, training and other initiatives. To learn more about how you can overcome these five challenges, watch our latest Speach here.


🧠 How Speach can help you overcome these pitfalls

The possibilities of keeping your clients and teammates engaged with Speach are endless however the seven attributes below highlight the top uses of Speach for a better understanding of how you can achieve global success with the platform. 

Enhance your training with asynchronous content with the following capabilities:


1. Easily and quickly create and share content

  • Speach offers the ability to edit, annotate your content and more

2. Provides a consistent training format 

3. Offers a centralized repository, with the ability to broadcast worldwide

4. Versioning and process/tracking

5. Smart Integration 

  • Speach can integrate with widely used LMS systems such as Successfactors leveraging SCORM

6. Content is viewable on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone

7. Collaboration

  • Speach allows several team members to work together on the same content.



Working in this environment requires the adoption and creativity that remote workers have been practicing long before the health crisis. With tools like Speach you will be able to work within this new normal and on a global scale to help you remain connected despite time zone and location constraints.


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